We should call our local baseball team team the Los Angeles Red Sox because its only because of the two big hitting ex-Red Sox players, Garciaparra and Ramirez, who have been added to their non-hitting lineup that the Dodgers will clinch their division. Keep in mind that Boston simply thought these guys were extra baggage, which leads one to wonder about the overall quality of the American League players when compared to National League players.

When you read the speech Palin would have given to the Anti-Ahamadinejad rally yesterday at the UN you can see why these chickenshit Jews dis-invited her. I am one of those who firmly believe that the Jews marched themselves into the concentration camp ovens in the thirties because the chickenshits wouldn't stand up and fight. This is just one more example.


Xiaoding said...

Fuck'in right. Most of the Jews are dead stupid, literally. Well, the American Jews are. Fuck'em, I won't support people who won't fight for themselves.

Old Grouch said...

And then there's this.

Seriously, death wish?