Weekend AM Talking Heads

The near complete absence of candor in response to host inquiries was amazing, even to a cynic like me. Fox allowed their Liberal weasel to change the question every time; Stephanopolis was stuck with Obama who simply does not wear well in a "one on one," where he is evasive and downright misleading in his answers (when asked about his military service which he claims to have had, he tried to tell us that registering for the draft was serving). NBC had Brokaw attempting to "frame" a debate to no avail. It can't all be Palin, but she is a lot of it. I'm an old fart and remember all the way back to "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too" and I've never seen anything quite like this. Well maybe when Douglas and Lincoln were going at it and Douglas promised a slave in every garage, but that was then.

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