Don't Worry About Pesky Mortgage Payments

The radio and TV ads started last Friday around here and they are basically telling people that mortgages can be "fixed," not to worry about payments, and to give "us" a call. I don't know what this is about but it sounds like a re-fi with a bankruptcy tossed in. In any case, ads to lure in the deadbeat debtor are out in force and I don't think they are trying to give any consumer a good deal.

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Anonymous said...

Here we go again! What is it with the mainstream media illuminati elitists and their colorful treasure chest of baloney? Those "Pesky Mortgage Payments" are what is keeping you and me and thousands f others from sleeping under the nearest bridge with winter coming! It galls me to think that any one would be so foolish as to even think of making that ignorant of a statement let alone to actual say it out loud.

These self-proclaimed groups of “journalists” are always trying to make themselves appear smarter and more important than they actually are. Are their egos that fragile that they must impose their tiny, unimportant and often unintelligible thoughts on the majority of people who really do have a brain? I am tempted to use the old line, “Give me a break,” but I am certain the same yahoos that call our mortgages “pesky” would have something else to say that I would not want to hear! And any way, a REAL journalist has something this group lost or never had in the first place-integrity.