Great News: Venezuela in big trouble over oil price drop. Chavez has committed so much money to collectivization schemes of one kind or another that he now absolutely has to have prices over $90. Venezuelan oil is shit quality and is now trading under $50 for some grades and none higher than $65. He attempted to stop pumping oil altogether and the world yawned because demand around the world has died. He has created a brand new upper class that buys MCBs, expensive perfumes and so on that may be on the verge of trouble. His support is among the very poor and very rich and the very poor love him, as in love, while the very rich are very rich because of him. We will see what we will see.


Webrider said...

Yeah Howard, and the mullahs in Iran are shitting too. They can't buy all the gasoline they need for their subsidised citizens er, slaves. Wouldn't it be a shame if the restive slaves arose and threw those jokers out? One can only hope.

Anonymous said...

The flip side of the coin and/or
The other shoe(to drop)

High oil prices, People in the US are pissed...
Who would have believed (in the US)
that falling oil prices may bring
significant world disruptions (localized?), terrorism, general mayhem , etc...
than high oil prices.

A lot of countries go bankrupt the lower oil prices go.