My Sunday Brunch with Liberals: about twenty of us including men who thought our TV fare of NFL games was absolute shit so we might as well join our wives for brunch. We started with a very small group at an outside table and pretty soon we were a large party of twenty or so chit chatting about movies (all chit chatting in LA is about movies), Obama (nobody really likes him and think he will ruin their 401Ks), and finally Palin.

The very mention of her name set off an anger bomb among the women. They hate her, and I mean hate. Many opined that they had forbidden their daughters to so much as read about her because their minds might be contaminated by "Right to Life." All regard her as a menace, stupid (anybody not for abortion on demand is stupid to the WLA liberal woman), a religious fanatic who will impose that horrible fucking God on all our institutions, and unmentioned was that she is pretty and appeals to men. Oh, she will be a horrible president (like Biden would be great??), is a horrible mom, and shoots guns at helpless animals AND HITS WHAT SHE SHOOTS AT.

There will be no compromise about her, if she is elected they will shoot at her for the next four years and will tarnish her with their smears til she is left with an image of a dumber Dan Quayle or Richard Nixon.

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