Euro-zone leaders agree to market rescue plan
Paris summit approves inter-bank loan guarantees; recapitalizations, buying up stocks and acquiring commercial paper also on the agenda--

Now if we do the same thing here lending should start as early as tomorrow, but with Paulson's miserable track record don't count on it. Almost every nation in the world OTHER THAN US is guaranteeing deposits, the integrity of inter bank loans, and the capitalization of their banks.

Do you realize that the drop in oil prices from $145 to $77 represents a huge tax break that is instant? These pricks around here are still selling at $3.30 per, a near scandalous height (many stations are still selling at more than $3.80). This drop hits Putin right in the balls as his stock market falls apart, his military spending lurches out of control, and commodity prices inside Russia collapse. Haven't heard from Chavez in a while but he can't be happy either. (Check the Ag Futures here)

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