Fabius Maximus is hardly a brain dead liberal looking for world government etc., and so his views on our current wars and lessons from a battle in Viet Nam called Ia Drang, a tragic victory for us, are must reading in this time of Arab-Muslim retaking Iraq and Afghanistan. Had we only lost that battle we might have extricated ourselves from Viet Nam. We took from that battle of long ago that our "new" tactics of helicopters and large unit insertions would carry the day. Ho ho. I'll say it again, WTF are we doing in these shitholes? More and more this looks like the Roman Legions in Gaul before the destruction of Rome.

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FM is a smart guy but he is a 4GW kool aid drinker so his opinions on warfare should be taken with a grain of salt. Almost every time he mentions 4GW, I chime in with all the faulty assumptions the theory is built on and he gets his knickers in a twist. his favorite form of argument is to create strawmen or take what i said completely out of context. anyways, if you want to watch for yourself.. i comment there as Major Scarlet.