The Michael Jordan Disease: Eradicated

What is obvious to all with a TV interest in sports is that the current NBA Playoffs are the best ever. More spectacular moments, more exciting close games and now with LeBron's final second shot enabling Cleveland to beat Orlando last night, we have one fantastic basketball moment for the ages. The NBA will no longer keep showing Jordan's "famous" moments because there are four (and maybe five) real live superstars on the courts at the same time right now having fantastic moments on an almost nightly basis, and while none but King James has the physical talent to crash to the rim on almost any play as well as hit the outside three pointer, at least four others have the talent to beat any James team. This is finally the year that the NBA has truly arrived: great players + great games = great TV ratings (at last) and even more money for the mostly cash strapped league. What kind of breakthru is this for the game? When even my sports indifferent daughters gather 'round the TV to watch the games in HiDef with all agreeing that basketball is more exciting than the NFL, an observation shared by my son and his pals, we have a sea change in sports preferences.

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Roux said...

I stopped watching the NBA during the Jordan years. Got tired of them basically changing the rules for one player. I haven't started watching again and probably won't.