Racial Blackmail---Los Angeles

The freak show that was the Michael Jackson "funeral" was paid for by Los Angeles, a city with no money. Even better, there is no record that anyone in the City Hall Left crowd approved any of it; not the 3000 overtime cops, not the Staples Center world wide advertising for itself, the cost of blocking off most of down town for the convenience of the 750,000 mourners who didn't show up, yada yada yada. We get to pay $4million out of our empty coffers in order to avoid a "racism" charge in spite of the fact that nobody; not war heroes, polio vaccine inventors, or even corrupt politicians, has ever been sent out to the Promised Land on the public dime. This was a gathering of Welfare advocates and Left Democrats who once again feasted at the public trough, this time to honor a creepy talent who "loved" children.

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