Recession Shopping Deals

This AM I went into the best local electronics store bar none.  It's called Fry's and there are two stores, both stocked to the gills with everything at every price and I was stunned.  I erred in thinking that Best Buy was even remotely competitive.  If you have a Fry's within a hundred miles of you drop in and be appropriately amazed.  Every computer you can imagine, ditto for the HI Def TVs, cameras, and it seems like every program under the sun and all at prices lower than the web.

Oh, and did I mention the whores at the end of aisle eight?


PeterT said...

Wow, I guess Fry's has changed mightily since the last time I was there in Dallas in 2003. Surly staff, returns put back on the shelves as new, Awful customer service and so-so pricing...

I wonder how they got the hint?


Howard said...

They've been great here for at least two years. Now their illegal help actually know what they are selling and so onl. It's the prices and inventory. They really are good.