Obama Car Care

Satistics always lie......case in point is the data on costs of medical care in the developed countries that show (surprise surprise) that the U.S. spends the most per patient and has the worst outcomes.

So look at this one: the people in Bel Aire spend more on their cars and car insurance than twenty other cities. Of course the Bel Aire types earn a ton more and so buy MCBs together with the more expensive insurance, while the slobs in other cities buy cheap stuff and many opt to not insure because they "cannot afford it." Left out of this equation is a data point that half those who cannot afford insurance have DUIs on their records, too many tickets, and many lack car registration. The data will show that Bel Airians spend more per vehicle, and because the rich pricks trade up every two years, have lousy "outcomes." So enter the Obamanians who will guarantee everyone have car insurance at an affordable rate, demand that everyone buy from a government agency, and this will somehow drive down costs. Of course the non Bel Airians will love it, why not? The only thing is that with all the bad risks in the pool costs will either go up or the rest of the citizenry will be taxed to support the "government" agency, thus covering up costs. The Bel Arians are forced into the pool and forbidden to buy the evil private insurance. One result is that all the flakes will rush to get their cars fixed up at the "cheap" Obamacare rates so that outcomes will now be much higher than they were under the "old" cannibal style system. Everybody is happy "or else," deficits pile up that we don't have to worry about today, and all DUI people are put into a government alcohol rehab program so they can get their licenses back in four weeks. Even happier are the car mechanics ande body shops UNTIL the government fixes prices mechanics can charge that are lower than costs. Of course Nazis oppose this new plan, as do people with good jobs, and those who think the "other way" was better.

So? Guess who is happy.

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