Neville Obama the Mighty---Murder?

As Obama waffles and retreats on his stated Afghanistan and anti-Terror stance(s) I submit to you that every Military death from this moment on is a murder committed by Obama and the Democratic Party in power.   "Peace in our Time" is upon us.  We are either going to kill the Taliban and AlQaeda where it roosts and roots or we are going to be attacked by a well financed and smart foe determined to exterminate us.  If I had a son or daughter in the military/CIA I'd advise him to GTFO right now.  If they were considering enlisting I'd do anything to dissuade them from suicide by Democratic inaction.  Any who survive will be put on trial by the Administration and their lackey boot lickers in House and Senate.

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wesley said...

bush was no better. his saudi friends funded the sunni insurgency and he gave them a pass.