A real man said this one:

My power proceeds from my reputation, and my reputation from the victories I have won. My power would fall if I were not to support it with more glory and more victories. Conquest has made me what I am; only conquest can maintain me.

Friendship is only a word; I love nobody … I know perfectly well I have no real friends. As long as I remain what I am, I shall have as many as I need so far as the appearance goes. Let the weak whimper, that’s their business, but for me, give me no sentiment. I must be firm, have a stout heart, or else leave on one side war and government.
“Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.”

What a leader, huh? From Fabius Maximus as a prelude to another great piece.....

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Anonymous said...

how sad is it when we have to look back to an old-timey midget *frenchman* to see what a man is supposed to think like. of the 500 or so "men" we have sitting in congress, i'd bet no more than 3 of them think like that. and of those 3, none will dare to say what they think publicly. women would be offended at the blatant priapic symbolism. the asswipes on the news would criticize them. it just wouldn't seem friendly.

you know it, i know it, we all know it: palin is the only pol out there with a set and the guts to use them. it's why the electorate loves/hates her so much. not a chance in hell the GOP ever nominates her. they'd rather lose with useless old bitches like dole and mccain than win with her.