Ever since I moved to SoCal one thing has remained constant: the fact that the USC football team will win every game in the last 1:30 and will almost always be the recipient of a mysterious last minute referee's call.   So it was no surprise that USC "woke up" for the last two minutes of Saturday's clash with poor unlucky Ohio State who gallantly tried to stand up to the 300 pound plus Samoan imports, Black ghetto thugs, white trash sons of them fucking 1930s Okies, and middle class white Republicans acting out their hostility toward minorities.   The main thing of note to those of you who are out of the SoCal stupor is that fabled high school bullyboy and all around college football piece of shit, Joe McKnight, came in from the cold and showed just why he was highly touted coming out of high school three years ago.  Maligned, as a mediocre son of a former great running back, the guy really brought it on Saturday and thus USC may now have the truly good running back they'd hoped for.  

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