The Attorney Enrichment Act of 2009

The Socialized Medicine downside nobody is talking about. Picture every doctor's office and hospital clogged to the walls with demonstrating, screaming political agitator "patients" demanding everything from MRIs, to medical marijuana as their "rights" or else staff will find themselves with broken bones and/or huge law suits.  Really sick people cannot be admitted because they have to get in line where they either die in place or just get sicker until they get treatment within any period from two hours to two days.  Dog tired nurses, staff, and doctors sleepwalk through the lines of "patients," many of whom are ill tempered and threaten them at every turn.  

This is socialized medicine U.S. style.

I am a patient at a socialized medical facility known as The VA.  The government picks up most of the tab for most things and covers most things other than cosmetic surgery, self inflicted wounds, and diseases connected with drug abuse and alcoholism (but not drug abuse and alcoholic abuse), and will not prescribe medical marijuana.  The VA was forced to curtail many many services due to the huge numbers of indigent drifters and mentally disturbed persons claiming ills that were mostly imaginary.  The crowds grew til basically the VA system couldn't function.  It is these "untouchable" patients that will multiply by the millions and overrun any system in the U.S. until we are forced into health care rationing.  Worse, is the ill tempers and psychotic behavior of these "poor" people who threaten doctors, nurses, and staff with continual physical violence.  These mobs finally got so bad at the VA facility that real live armed guards were posted at all entrances and stationed in many hallways.  Only the sudden curtailment of funds in the early part of this century caused the VA to act and actually remove these vets with non-service connected illnesses from all premises.   It is impossible to treat people adequately when hordes of smelly and filthy unemployable people with limited intelligence, sponsored by various political pressure groups when the "patients" become organized mobs that clog the halls around and within any health facility.  I have no proof that ACORN or other community activist groups were agitating and organizing these quasi criminals trying to get VA treatment, but they were always in possession of lists of legal opinions backing up their near terrorist activities.  Things became so bad that one night when I was taken to emergency because of a heart attack I was amazed to find the "holding" area of the emergency room clogged to the walls with violent mostly drug addled vets demanding to be taken care of.  The result was that the medical staff was sealed off behind heavy metal fencing material in fear for their safety.  The staff was actually relieved to see me because out of the fifty or so screaming dirty men I was one of only two or three people in the facility who were actually sick and therefore could be treated for an actual medical condition.  When the government cracked down (rationed care) and finally expelled people who did not have VA ID cards the care at the facility improved to the point where it has become one of the better VA hospitals in the U.S.  

This will be our health care future and I point out that nobody has engaged with the issue of the hordes of untreated and near desperate drug addicts, alcoholics, and outright psychotics who will be "entitled" to government paid health care under the acts visualized by Pelosi, Obama, and the rest of the crowd. 

And did I mention the hordes of stinking lawyers who will lurk in the background ready to sue at the drop of an MRI?  You could easily call this proposed legislation the Attorney Enrichment Act of 2009.

Welcome to the new age of the Nanny State.


Anonymous said...

Well said Sir.

The masses have no idea of what is coming our way.

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