CNN's Ratings Collapse, the real Reason

Many of you will just trash this post as anti-woman or anti-old fart, but anyone in production or advertising will tell you that unattractiveness is the absolute worst foot forward in that medium known as TV.  Before selecting news people you always have to ask yourself, "do I want that person in my living room staring me in the face and telling me what to think?"  That's a very good reason that FOX News is running hard and far ahead of the ugly lib female contingent on CNN and MSNBC.  CNN has decided to thrust the most unattractive women on the planet into my living room for the purpose of nagging me into agreement.  They're old.  They're fat.  They're ugly.  So there.

Anderson Cooper?  He's cute and he's a Vanderbilt, which means soaking in cash and his pretentious lectures make me want to puke.

Them hot blondes over at Beck's place know their news and the news is that hot babes are hot.

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fboness said...

When CNN decided they could call people like me teabaggers, I decided I could call people like them history.