General McArthur vs President Truman is not the same in any way as Obama vs McChrystal.  McArthur had a huge resume of battles and leading forces to victory and Truman had nothing but the A Bomb and a budding scandal in the White House.  McArthur had blundered badly in believing the Chinese would not enter the Korean War so he marched our troops to the northern Korean Manchurian border, supposedly against orders.  He further undercut Truman on several other occasions, thus weakening the President.  He further violated the separation of powers by literally going to the public against Truman.  The President had to fire him knowing there would be a firestorm of protest from a hero worshiping electorate.  General McChrystal has a zero track record of battlefield wins and enters the fray with no leverage at all other than his firmly held belief that the Afghanistan war cannot be won without boots on the ground building relationships with the Afghanistan people.  If he quits or is fired it's no biggie to Obama whose base is anti-war and anti-US.  The general is not about to lead troops to a slaughter which he firmly believes is inevitable under the proposed Obama policy.  The only problem for Obama will be the rest of the staff officers who seem to believe a slaughter will happen and will not lead our own troops to death.  Obama is obviously weak, too weak to lead a war.  McChrystal will be thrown out on his ass with a liberal Left press helping to push him out.   Then what????

This is a dangerous situation because the Military firmly believes Obama is a rank amateur who is proving his incompetence each and every day.  My bet?  McChrystal gets the heave ho.

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