Obama is now implicated in every U.S. soldier's death in Afghanistan and the more he dithers the worse he is.  I think that we all have to vote Republican now. No matter how distasteful they are, at least they won't murder our own troops.

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Xiaoding said...

What's wrong with the dithering? Seems perfectly fine to me. Everyone was complaining that the Pakistanis were not serious about the war, now they are bitching that WE are not serious! This is progress, no?

The Army put the troops there, the Army can figure out how to protect them. By the way, FUCK THE ARMY.

I don't beleive no goddamn lying generals, about needing more goddam troops, to do the goddam job they have had eight goddam years to do. FUCK EM. They are lying to us. Fuck every one of them.

Don't fall for their BS. They don't need no troops.