Gold at All Time Highs??? Bullshit.

The most idiotic statement now being made in the State Sponsored Media is that gold is at an all time high. Any chart will disprove that. Most recently would be just before the 1980s inflation when the real inflation adjusted price of gold topped $2,000 per ounce (futures prices were $800).  Price again topped 1K per oz ($1,560) in 1998.The most well known happened just before Columbus discovered America when the price of gold was $2,500 per ounce. In fact it was this price that caused the European criminal population to jump to board boats coming to the Americas so the dead broke peasants could score just a tiny spec of gold and make their futures.

Gold prices have always been a result of the perception of available supply. The 1490 price started to plummet as the conquistadors arrived and began to loot the Americas. The price plummeted once again when gold was discovered in California. Right now India has stashed several hundred tons, thus removing the horde from world supply. Two hundred year gold is below (click to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Howard, those links do not work for me.

Howard said...

Forget them; the chart I added at bottome is sufficient. I linked to propriatary sites.