Harbaugh to Notre Dame?

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh who has created a miracle at the high grade requirement Stanford has one year left on his contract and Notre Dame has the billions to pay him out. Stanford has one of the most virulent of the left wing faculties on the West Coast and they hate football, athletes, over paid coaches as well as most everything else and they will raise holy hell if Stanford offers Harbaugh the millions he's obviously worth on the open market. They refused to pay basketball coach Mike Montgomery and the then successful football coach Ty Willingham what each was clearly worth in the open market, so in spite of a brand new stadium my bet is that they will basically fire the coach rather than pay him.  Stanford has huge endowments so they can piss away any money spent on their new stadium in favor of "principal" (Science Teachers are worth more than shit coaches).  BTW just how good is Harbaugh?  It is next to impossible to recruit athletes smart enough to play there and he has made Stanford more than just competitive.  He has out recruited both Pete Carroll and UCLA (for qb Luck) in grabbing both Luck (Texas) and running back Gerhard who played his high school ball at Norco High (setting every state record) twenty minutes from Pete Carrol's office at USC.


Sgt. Joe Friday said...

Actually Howard it's more likely Harbaugh is headed for Michigan. He's got ties to that program and Rich Rod is losing alumni support quickly. The only thing that's going to save his job at this point is a win over OSU.

Howard said...

Two of my weed smoking pals are pretty big Michigan alums and both tell me that Rich Rodriguez is safe for two reasons: 1. His astonishing records at West Virginia and 2. The fallout with the coaching fraternity for not giving Rodriguez a chance will cause the university irreparable damage down the road. Add to all this the sorry record of the Big Ten in general over the past six or so years which is a result of all the good high school talent going to sunbelt (warm weather) universities, the few Big Ten players making it in the NFL, and the really hot babes in both SEC and PAC 10 schools (do not underestimate the babe factor for high school kids). If Michigan got in a bidding war with Stanford they would lose, assuming money is the only factor in a Harbaugh decision. Michigan is a state school in a poverty stricken state and paying a new coach millions might not work politically.