High School Football???  High School?  How immature. Most of us like to stay in touch with the old school from time to time by looking up the current records of the football team. My school team had been virtually unbeatable when I played but after my class left they sunk into the morass for forty years.  

I went to a very small school located in Carmel-by-the-Sea California appropriately called Carmel High School, a well known home for poets, artists, writers, and famous homosexuals; one might think hardly a place to display any kind of masculinity, especially by winning football games.  The league wide jokes ran to "Carmel doesn't practice on Friday because that's the day they get their nails done, the school mascot was a toy poodle without rabies shots; we were said to buy our custom designed football uniforms from Saks, the middle linebacker was named Florence, and we were expert at groping all foreign players during pile ups."  In other words we were a bunch of fags. 

The other side of all this is that the continuing insulting comments made by other schools used to get us into near homicidal rages (at least in my day) that translated into a super small school team of hitters, big and fast athletes, guys who were meaner than even girl soccer players, and had more than a few Division One scholarships.  We won everything every year.  

Then, forty five years of total badness.  

Until last year when they miraculously won "everything," went undefeated and was league champion.  I was appropriately thrilled but sure they would sink back into the swamp for another half century or so but I vowed to glance their way from time to time.  It's almost impossible to find anything about Carmel High School football, mainly because the surrounding towns hate us for having what they believe to be rich faggot parents who sit on seaweed and paint pictures of people who have clothes on.  But I caught a line on a blog that indicated Carmel football was once again feared and loathed throughout Central California.  There are accusations on the web that they are running up the scores, winning games by an average of 40 points, and had only given up 13 first half points all year.  Even worse, they were beating the shit out of teams composed mostly of minority groups, an activity that the local liberals felt was perpetuating the race hatred toward all rich white people that our state's entitled minorities quite rightly express.

Unfortunately I can't find any real news reports of all this but if the rumors are true, make a comment.  If there is anything I hate it's a bunch of minorities not loving white people.  Late add and thanx to emailer TB, Carmel record this year with scores are here. John D sent me this link to a video of Carmel kicking the shit out of Monterey, a school that is at least three times larger.

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