Klymat Change and Shit

Me? I was always skeptical of the "absolute proof" of the collected  data since much of it was supposedly obtained from the always reliable Nazis and Japanese Bushido guys who were busy killing Jews and Asians wherever found starting in 1938.  Who in their right minds could trust data for Asia and Europe from 1930 through 1950 or so?  And illiterate native tribes in Africa (are Black people ever wrong about anything?), the Amazon, and Watts are filled with potential Nobel Prize winners in science.  I was also put off by the threats of jail time for anyone and everyone who dared challenge the Al Gore supporters from around the world.  I say let's all get out our old aerosol cans and spray them skyward in silent tribute to those silenced by our elites.  Will this stop Obama and the rest of our Corruptocrats from imposing job killing "solutions" to a non-existent climate change?  Of course not.  The usual media liars will continue their blasts of lies through the usual Hollywood and Big City celebrity mouthpieces.  The real God is dead but the False Gods still roam the earth.

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Malcolm said...

Here is a new video, that is very informative, you may want to watch.