Try this on: there is a movie with a hackneyed plot, bad dialogue, OK acting, and no heroes.  Add to that all the bad guys are (1) current members of the U.S. Marines; a U.S. military leader who is basically a mass murderer; a U.S. corporation orchestrating an illegal population extermination; and a very occasional wild beast with lots of teeth.  The heroes are actually victims who have pointy ears, blue skin, and talk gibberish.  One can assume they are people who don't eat any meat, any known plants, or drink water so they are kind to the land.  In short they are extreme environmentalists complete with lectures.  Would you go and see a normal color extravaganza like this?  

But..... throw in the most amazing 3D effects ever, a brand new movie technology that will change film making forever, and one that is literally mind boggling in it's concept and execution..... would you pay $10 to see it?

Hell yes.  Then when a little voice in your head asks you how long this piece of shit will last, you takes off your 3D glasses and leaves, still amazed at what you have seen.  BTW I walked out at the 1:55 mark.  Worth at least $15 in 3D.  (Note: I'm an IMAX fan but people tell me they get almost sick watching it in that technology.)

See it.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not going to pay for it (giving money to evil US corporations and all that), but I'll download it.