The H Car from GM--Our Government Kills it

Chrysler came out with one in '02 and not to be outdone, Government Motors has launched their new hydrogen powered car.  The Chrysler H Car was so unreliable that it had to be followed by two SUVs loaded with parts and a flat bed truck to keep it running on a cross country tour.  Anyway here's the downside scoop on hydrogen power and it while looks great, no cars have run anywhere yet and the enviros and UAW will never let it out of the garage if it turns out to be any good.  For the exciting demo of the actual car go here, and it is exciting.  Shown is a one of a kind worth a million razbukniks, but hope springs eternal.  It's a hell of a car.  Now, for our  (ho ho that's rich) government?  They have simply cut off all funding for research on the technology and the infrastructure to support it.  See, Obama wants to create jobs via Denmark and Norway because they have unemployed too.  Another Nobel in the works for this asshole......

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