What We Have Here.....

....Is a failure of our institutions.  The now tagged "Climategate" which is after all, simply a tissue of lies and deceptions repeated for twenty or more years by a horde of "respected" (trusted) scientists can can be reduced to a simple cynicalism: "what else is new?"  Because this is simply more of the same; an institution, this time science, fails us and thus joins the other self sullied institutions like the Catholic Church, our political parties, law enforcement, the judicial "business" in all its smelly cloaks and evasions, all law enforcement, all government, so it seems we cannot trust anyone we should be able to trust.

Lying, when you really think about it, is the building block for every crime or awfulness under the sun.  Without telling lies there can be no stealing, swindling, murder, or even adultery.  

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