Why Not Try Asking, Stupid?

After eleven full months of the Democrats telling us what we wanted no matter what we said, it seems that the little turtle at the bottom of the pile has rolled over and toppled the Obama mountain.  Only some of us right wing morons objected to passing a thousand page bill in one day because the "country was at risk."  Only us Right Wing morons objected to the second eleven hundred page Bill that was jammed through a lazy and compliant Congress without anyone reading it.  But now, suddenly, around 60% of us have become Right Wing morons and are objecting to everything His Majesty proposes on the grounds that it is "what we want."

So while the liberals just know what we want without bothering to ask us and Republicans bore us to death with more lies about how they will balance a budget more than a trillion dollars out of whack the entire country is losing faith in our democracy.  The "Grand Experiment" is about to crash into the sea piloted there by us and our indifference.  

We're in big trouble and the fault is that more than half our population is a client of the government in one way or another, entitled to things we didn't earn.  "Put it on the Plastic" can't run a government forever.

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