From emailers  Haiti relief?  Where?  You got me.  The sites we are directed to are a maze of bullshit.  I don't know the simple way...... From the Red Cross (no surprise) to Catholic Charities it's all bullshit.  Use your cell I guess.....  I donated here


miriam said...

I went to the Salvation Army website: they ask you whether you want to donate to Haiti or to their general fund. I chose Haiti.

The Sallies spend their money helping people, not paying huge administrative salaries.

Howard said...

Salvation Army is cool, they saved my ass twice back in the day. The only thing is that in this case heavy lifting with construction vehicles needed, iron and steel girders, plus the heavy machinery needed to lift the rubble and find people. I felt that the Red Cross had the experience for that kind of stuff. These NGOs are crooks with people at the top looting the coffers.