It's Easy to end Recessions

All you have to do is increase demand.  Period. However, the socialist asshole will always tell you that you have to increase money.   Every atheist alive absolutely knows that all misery and discomfort is caused by no money, never acknowledging the need in all of us for spiritual food, the need we all have to work for something bigger than self, to serve God or a Higher Power or even play pro football.  Oh?  Money won't do it?  If you have ever been involved with a charity that helps people, you know that every time you give a bum $100 to $500 it vanishes in a day or two because drugs, pussy and "necessities" eat it all.  Bums don't buy washing machines, sofas, new cars, or anything else that might help the overall economy.  The few things they will buy are the stuff to maintain their slovenly life styles.  Cash for Klunkers?  That simply transfers future demand back to the present and all we have done is shift demand by robbing the future.  A very few slugs pay off debts (our government hates those kinds of anti-American pricks and is moving at this very moment to eliminate these traitorous thugs from our pristine land.  "Put it on the plastic," is the watchword)  More money not only doesn't help the recipient of the largess it doesn't help the demand driven economy either.  So?  Even the socialist asshole will agree that had we bought and then burned every foreclosed home, demand would have returned to the market.  The reason given for not doing this includes the bromide that it would cost "trillions" and "holy shit we ain't spending that kind of money on rich people."  So we diddle around doing welfare for freeloaders and bums while leading an ignorant electorate into believing that this will stimulate demand, never asking "demand for what?"   

Well folks, demand is about to hit us right in the kisser.  It's called 3D television, an appetite ignited by the sensationally produced movie, Avatar, the movie that is playing everywhere near you.  All I've heard for the last three days is 3D TV from every nook and whatever.  Even old farts have that look of sexual longing at the mere mention of the term 3D, as they visualize it right in their nursing homes and terminal care wards.  But, the asshole Libs already are bemoaning the "consumerism" that is involved in throwing money away on this new useless medium, on the tapes and CDs that will be needed to feed it, the distribution network to handle the product, the labs and factories  that will built to accommodate this useless product when what we really need is higher taxes to fund EVER BIGGER GOVERNMENT necessary to hand out all the entitlements to the un-deserving poor and fuck the workers necessary to feed demand.  Anyhow the solution is at hand but taxes can destroy it. Vote.....but for what?  For who?  For a bunch of pricks who won't do what we ask anyway.  I say the only way to end this is revolution, an event that will stimulate demand for the burned bodies of "our" political class.

But but but, what about the fucking squints who will make everything with $1 per day slave labor? Here's what about: forgive all taxes on companies involved in new high tech products and services. Then we have to bite the bullet and figure a way. If we don't we are screwed......by ourselves and our dogmas and agendas; our envies and jealousies and our just plain blindness and the resulting refusal to change. 

We must

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