Jersey Shore: Decent Kids on TV Offend the Left

I'm talking here about the Media maligned but  highly rated Jersey Shore, a reality show on MTV featuring eight (or is it ten?) pairs of Italian American kids from Boston/New York or somewhere.  If you expect wall to wall screwing, drunkenness, pot smoking, criminals, as Media Libs always depict young kids (under 25) not in Harvard or Yale, fugedaboudit.  The guys (known as "Guidos") are all normal, lift weights to an extreme, are just at the beach to meet girls, and hopefully to meet someone really hot and get laid (or maybe even marry).   The girls are not "10s," (probably very nice 8s), say fuck a lot, yell a lot, get in fist fights (safe ones with the boys nearby), and are most likely not in school.  They are all Catholic (ya gotta hate them), even with all their crudeness actually say Grace before meals, like their parents and welcome a (very) short visit from them.  Naturally they are looking for hot guys for a relationship that might turn into "something" (called a "situation" in Jersey Speak), and are basically looking for some kind of futures in their lives.  PERIOD.  Liberals elites hate the sons and daughters of blue collar people, hate the real blue collar people whom they consider lower class, and deplore any non goal oriented people not looking for jobs on Wall Street or show biz.  All in all the show is mindless fun and the bad mouthing of it comes from Bel Air and Beverly Hills.  Consider that cast members now appear on main stream quiz shows, or talk shows where the object is to hold them up to ridicule (like they've done to Sara Palin) and to expose any lack of education they may possess.  Watch the show on MTV where you can view a ton of prior episodes and see if these kids are in any way harmful.  BTW the elite press is now giving the show good reviews.

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