The Fed

Ninety nine percent of us don't have even a vague comprehension about the Federal Reserve and their responsibilities and are really not fit to judge the qualifications of Bernanke.  All this shit about him "missing" the signs of the recent financial debacle is coming from other parts of government actually responsible for the entire chirade.  All any of us can correctly observe is that the entire financial underpinning of both the U.S. and the rest of the world was teetering over the Abyss.  Bernanke is a student of the Great Depression and knew all the missteps that were made back then to make the situation worse.  So?  So he did all the "corrected" steps and then more.  Keep in mind that almost none of the current sophisticated (crooked) financial instruments existed in the 30s so he was flying blind.  What he and his pals did was simply throw all the shit they had on hand against the wall and hope some of it would stick.  Some did and some didn't but we are nearly out of the woods, or at least those particular woods, now.

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