Too Big to Jail

Every once in a while an extreme liberal or conservative mag will actually do their (old) jobs and report accurately about something that is actually important.  This month, Mother Jones Magazine, the leftiest mouthpiece for the loony left, has hit the devil right square on the noggin in a piece called The Accountability Deficit in which their Commie Pig reporters lay waste to the Three Amigos; JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley.  This is news largely unreported: like the restoration of the Enron loophole (buried in an earmark); in 2008, Goldman Sachs paid an effective tax rate of just one percent while their CEO was paid $40mil and they received bailout monies of around $12 billion (lucky us, they've paid back ten bil), Wall Street has graciously spread $475 million in campaign contributions to Pelosi and her honest pals just in the 2008 cycle.  If you find reading the entire MJ piece too daunting, drop over to Big Picture and pick up a transcript of a PBS feature.  

Oh in a major SURPRISE: Lefty Mommy Jones is attacking Obama, the Liberals, and the establishment Left as if they were El Rushbo his own self.  It looks like even the Left can't continue to hold their noses over the governance problem.

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