Anybvody thinking of betting on Oregon to repeat as Pac 10 football champs better cover.   The team is composed of thugs, four of whom have been arrested recently for various assaults.  Not surprisingly the assaults were all against women.  SportsbyBrooks has the litany......Oh, and that guy Legarrette Blount, who sucker punched a Boise State player and was suspended for six games last year has done it again, this time against a woman, natch..  So their punter is facing assault charges against a woman (but his face has been rearranged by a male pal of the victim), and their future All Everything running back,  LaMichael James, has been booked and is currently at the Lane County Jail having been charged with strangulation, assault and menacing against a woman......  I say leave these guys alone and kick all the girls out of  the university, they're too stupid to learn anything anyway.  

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