Be sure to check "FilmDrunk" and make it one of your new faves. Guy is "famous" for his 70 minute review of Titanic.  This week he does a funny twenty minute rant on Avatar, a movie that if it wasn't in 3D would garner a world gross of around $30o.  He heaps rousing praise for my nomination for best picture, The DGA  and Producers Guild Best Picture Award  winner, "Hurt Locker," easily the best movie in a long time, but that was about something that doesn't portray the U.S. Military as a bunch of moronic fascists and rapists.  BIG surprise is that it's winning those hard left prestigious awards at all, most likely because the director is a WOMAN (ex wife of Avatar producer James Cameron), but don't let the obvious phoniness of the nomination from the always PC Academy stop you from seeing this terrific movie.


Kim said...

Hurt Locker is pure, unadulterated antiwar agitprop. No wonder it's popular among the Hollywood Set.

I want those two hours of my life back.

Anonymous said...

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