Hurt Locker and I Tole ya Months ago

Hooray for Hurt Locker.  This is the first year in the last ten or so that I've actually seen most nominated movies due mainly to the On Demand feature of Time Warner Cable which showed more than a few and Avatar which got me to actually go out and see it as well as a few others. Hurt Locker pleased me, not only because I thought it is a really good movie, but because for the first time those Hollywood cocksuckers didn't portray our troops as sadistic rapists, drug addicts, and genocidal maniacs (in Avatar they were also called morons).  Sandra Bullock has shown that just working and working finally pays off; good for her.  I can't quarrel with any of the awards because this was a good year for good movies.  I noted that Simon over at PJ yesterday was as much of a snob as he accuses Hollywood of being; he's an elitist and (so he says) a former liberal who claims he's really talented, and who am I to differ?  Today he acts as if he never said any of it and sees non-liberal movies winning Awards and coming back and cheer leading conservative movie makers.  Yeah, movies that gross $14 million are going to take over.  NOBODY saw it while even cheesy horror movies make buks.  It's so fucking easy to stand on the sidelines and hurl insults toward those who actually work on something.  One thing does stick in my calloused claw is that Avatar should not have been frozen out, after all a hundred million people loved it and the format is going to change movies forever.  The "word" seems to be that everyone hates James Cameron (everyone in Hollywood always hates success in others) and they just showed him who is boss.  Avatar should be judged by a different standard than almost any other movie, ever.

Now for something snarky: I watched the Awards along with the NBA games both with the sound off.  The few Academy sound bits I caught seemed insufferably pretentious, the actresses were decidedly unglamorous titless wonders, and the guys didn't lisp or swish like figure skaters at the Olympics.  BUT the NBA games without the moron announcers were really really good.  A particular surprise was the athleticism of the Washington Wizards team (lets call them the Washington Political Criminals) is on the astounding level. "March Madness" and the NBA playoffs shape up as an exciting and spectacular pair of events.

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