So I'm having lunch with some of my high powered friends and their wives and the talk immediately turns to the OSCARS. Remember, six or eight of the attendees are show biz to the max; all the women just loved the telecast, costumes, and so on, only one man watched it and he liked it, his enchantment with the boring narcissistic slobber fest resulted in most of us suspecting him of being a Commie or a fruit. Surprisingly, everyone liked (a few loved) Hurt Locker and were glad of the Awards in general.  Especially liked was the way the troops were portrayed for a change.  Then the talk turned to the ex-Mrs. James Cameron (Bigelow the Bitch) and the people who knew her trashed the shit out of her; backstabber, nasty, and just plain mean was the verdict, with the women really disliking her.   All this proves that she is now a real Hollywood success.  Then the subject became Merrill Lynch and BofA (more than a few work there) and after a pause many of the wives disclosed that not only did the employees know of the critical balance of the securities held by Merrill but most knew that the situation was a castle built in the air.  Spouses had discussed the situation with each other for at least a year prior to the implosion.  Many disclosed that their families had spent nearly zero discretionary money in four years because of their fear.  No one asked if clients were apprised of their knowledge.  The conversation turned to the NCAA basketball playoffs, earthquakes, is Cancun safe for tourists, and those "fucking Muslim assholes."   Co-features were the suspicions that the U.S. Government was trashing Toyota because of Government Motors ownership and a few who have worked in the car biz in their ill spent youth pointed out that any asshole who can't turn off an ignition or slam the tranny into either "neutral" or park shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel; many suspect elderly driver or impaired drivers a real possibility. 

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