Movie trivia: Ran across this hardly ever viewed Eleanor Powell dance bit. I've never been a fan, mainly because her constant stupid smile has always put me off, but this piece is terrific. She always did her own choreography and only paired with Astaire once but, because she was built like an NFL linebacker and looked to be 6' tall, they just didn't look good together. BTW that's Buddy Rich on the drums with the Dorsey band. Also Red Skelton (who knew he could sing?) and Bert (Cowardly Lion in Oz) Lahr.

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dude. per IMBD, skelton was 6'2". when he stands next to powell, (look at approx. 1:00 to 1:10), he's got 5 or 6 inches on her, and she's wearing 1-2" heels. (probably 1-and-a-half.) that puts her at about 5'7", maybe a little less. (IMBD says 5'6"-and-a-half.) yeah, fine, she'd tower over tiny little fred astaire, (who wouldn't?), but "built like a linebacker"? look at her arms! look at her neck! her wrists! her legs! since the camera adds 10+ lbs., i'd put her at 110-115 *tops*.

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