St. Pat got rid of the snakes but left us with these guys:  the Pogues, a group that has now become a main stream pop group in Europe dispite the insane drunkeness of McShane and the death of Kirsty MacColl.

It's been said that McShane killed Kirsty MacCol by breathing his alcoholic breath on her for a month. Not true. Here is their anthem when the loved MacCol was still alive and in the group.

Here's the URL for a clean copy from the now cult movie PS I Love You with Hillary Swank and tons of others. The Pogues have become commercial during the past year so lots of their music is now very clear and even featured in Hollywood movies. Tons of it at the above link and absolutely worth your time.  BTW, just so he can never complain of his being screwed in the States, click here for his SNL drunken slurring of the great song, "Fiesta" that had to cost him at least one movie and a few appearances. Here's a clean video of the same number

MacShane is a registered asshole as well as a certified genius with a talent broad as the Atlantic.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

my scottish father-in-law routinely referred to the irish as "beer-swilling, tattie-eating, funny-dancing inbred drunkards." of course, this came from a man raised in a country where the men wear skirts and the girls are considered old maids if they're not knocked up by 12, so YMMV.

also, you'd think that while licking the boots of their british lords and masters, you'd think the redheaded genetic freak oirish monkeys could have at least learned to speak english properly. that gawdawful mumbling makes the thickest peckerwood appalachian hillybilly accent sound like olivier doing shakespeare.

OTOH, i DO like irish dancing. holding your arms rock-steady while you dance keeps you from spilling your drink.