Troops Hate Hurt Locker????

Drudge reporting that troops are bad mouthing Oscar nominated Hurt Locker.  Jesus, if you guys don't know that it is common  practice for big studios who will not win Oscars to always trash Oscar favorites, then you snooze.  The big deal is that this movie has been made by Ms. Nobody from Nowhere (a fucking cunt, for Chriss sakes) for around $1.75 and has already won a ton of prestigious awards.  And who in the Liberal fucking Media is running around interviewing the hated military for their opinions on movies, anyway?  Good fucking movie, and anyone expecting rigid accuracy from any movie is bat shit anyhow.  I could run on forever about the Hollywood fiction presented as fact, but my favorite example is the portrayal of Rommel in the terrific 1940s movie "Five Graves to Cairo", with Tone, Baxter, and von Stroheim as Rommel.  In it von Stroheim protrays the Desert Fox as an opera loving, cultured genius who cares about the world, when in fact he had been an unknown backwater officer who became one of Hitler's buddies and it was this friendship that earned him the command of the Africa Corps.  He became famous because the Germans were destroying the Allied "genius" Montgomery as well as our heroes so the Allied propaganda department created Rommel as a larger than life military "wunderkind" who had never lost as battle in his life in order to rationalize the pathetic Allied performance in Africa up to that time.  In real life, true to form, The Desert Fox disobeyed his orders and broke out of the Tobruk area and tried to invade Egypt with no supplies and too few tanks.  All of his actions up to that time were severely criticized by the entire German high command, was trashed because of the heavy and unnecessary casualties he took, and was in fact responsible for the eventual loss of Africa.  He was a mediocre general with a Hollywood PR firm behind him, but first von Stroheim and then the entire Allied propaganda machine persisted in crediting him with genius so as to enhance every victory achieved by Ike, Patton, Bradley et al.  "Hurt Locker" is a dam good movie, not a great one, and like everything in literary fiction not the truth.


Malcolm said...

Here is another review


Anonymous said...


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Rick said...

I did not think it was worthy as a best picture nominee.

Anonymous said...

First half hour was Ok, but the big explosion/death scene was l a m e. Looked like the killed soldier was overcome by dust.

By the time they got to fit muscled solders getting drunk and taking punches in the gut from each other I was gone from this movie. A fit man at his prime can kill another man by slugging him in the gut with no blocking as this movie showed. Obviously a fantisy by a woman director and whomever wrote the script.

Howard said...

Spent two years in with three in Far East. We used to play that punch in the stomach game all the time when we got drunk. All the time. No punch in the face or kick in the balls, just the best shot in the belly.