Pot Tax Revenues Directed Toward Voting Block

Tax pot, turn over revenue to college tuition relief. Why are our "yoot" having temper tantrums in the streets of Berkeley, the Hamptons, and Dallas? Preliminary information regarding the California pot vote is that the proposition will be rejected by the voters and that's why the kiddies are pissed. But pot is not the reason why they are demonstrating. It's money. So wedding pot and money is the answer to all. The main reason given for the failure of the weed proposition is that youth is too lazy to vote in off year elections, which means that the issue will be decided by the most senile among us, old farts convinced that pot addicts are robbing and stealing to support their cravings for the evil weed. So what to do? Well if we look at the real reason college youth is rioting these days we see that it's all about rising tuition costs. So? So we make sure that a significant portion of the taxes raised through pot sales are directed toward tuition relief. The billions saved through not enforcing stupid pot laws can go to citizen relief. Kiddies will vote and we can all get (and stay) stoned.

That's all I have to say on this.

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