Sports, Sort Of

Tiger had sex with 121 women, not including the daughter of his next door neighbor. So now wifeypoo is pissed and on and on and on. The truth is that she is a complete asshole not to have known anything about "it." My betting is that she is the usual Swede iceberg in bed and was actually happy only when sex was limited to shining Tiger's eight iron and kissing his wallet.

USC is burning to the ground. Pete Carroll left a program that was a shell of its former self. No real talent for new head coach Kiffin to work with save the vastly over rated and over hyped qb Matt Barkley. The PAC 10 has four out of the top five qbs in the country and none are with any of the glamor schools. Stanford and Washington (their qb Locklear is a projected number one pick overall----unless Stanford qb Luck is) have the two best in the country and look for Washington, in particluar, to shine this year. This means that top high school wide receiver players ain't going to USC, UCLA or Oregon. Bottom line: USC is facing a "death penalty" over a ton of violations in both football and basketball programs that have been out of control for a long time. Recruits? Not for a few years.