Steeler qb Rothlisburger headed to prison? If this NY Times account is true, and it sure rings true, not only was there a rape but his bodyguards assisted in the rape.

We said 'hey' and he started talking to (redacted) (nothing in particular) and his bodyguard took him back to the room w/ bathroom,'' she wrote. ''I said, 'I don't know if this is a good idea' and he said, 'It's OK.' He had sex with me and meanwhile his bodyguards told my friends they couldn't pass them to get to me.''
The bodyguards are identified as Ed Joyner and the other as Anthony Barravecchio. Joyner is a Pennsylvania trooper and Barravecchio is a policeman in a Pittsburgh suburb. I'd say the so called prosecutor is in deep shit too. Afraid to prosecute local cops? Probably. I'd say the All Pro hottie is toast with a crust even crisper than Michael Vic's. A really disgusting guy at best and I'd bet we've seen the absolute last of this prick. I doubt if any stadium in the League will be free of "fans" believing that they are entitled to violence. LATER ADD: other news outlets now finding more, Sports By Brooks would be good clearing house for all this. It would seem that this guy is a serial penis exposer.

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