Buffett, Unger, Gates

Liz Klayman conducted one of the best interviews I've ever seen with the trio above. These guys are 85 years old and talk like college kids. Their optimism about this country and the future of invention or improvement of companies abounds. Ask yourself this: if you were about to be born and could choose the country to be born in, which out of the more than 200 countries in the world would you choose? No doubt it would be the USA. All agreed that the VAT tax would be the only way to pay for the Obama "Health" plan and that the VAT would be the most equitable. Unger (the market guru of the bunch) is dead set against almost all derivatives as serving no social purpose at all, that the only reason they exist at all is to make money for people with nothing to do but gamble. "They are like tens of thousands of people insuring everyone they meet each day hoping more people would live than die every year." FOX, as usual, has zero of it on line. Wait for it on YouTube, very interesting.