Markets: I warned you last week that too many people were bullish and that the market was poised for a big fall. So? Not to be too technical but the stock charts show what is called an "inverted head and shoulders" starting on about January 25th and, critically, completing the move with the shoulder-neck-shoulder on February 28th. On the following Monday the market began to break up and within days an obvious up move began. It concluded on April 19th at which time most long players bailed. The move ended last week and began the current move, a bottom is far away. The news assholes always have to give a reason for everything or they'll be fired so the "reason" given is the "Greek thing". No, this market had exhausted itself. There were no sellers left. And then suddenly, there were no buyers either. The shorts (puts and futures) are piling on. The down move may be completed but most of us think it has much more room on the downside.