The Human Pinata

A pinata is a toy filled paper animal that is hung from a ceiling and is then battered with bats by children til it breaks and the toys fall out, hence a human pinata is a immobile person who will be battered repeatedly til his or her guts fall out.  Such is the GOP candidate for the Senate from California, one Carley Fiorina, a person with a perfectly horrid reputation and track record.  She was so bad at HP that she was basically "let go" after the company started hemorrhaging cash due to her insufferable attitude which was one in which she was always right no matter what the numbers said. 

After six years at Hewlett-Packard, she ended up symbolizing not one but at least three corporate excesses: outsourcing, M&A-mania, and golden parachutes. Workers and shareholders did not prosper during her reign, but Fiorina made millions, got a book deal, and calmly walked with her pockets full while the workers at HP got laid off.  There is no way she can withstand what is sure to be withering attacks on both her character and track record at HP. Oh, but she's a woman, (sort of) and that means a lot to the dyke faction..