I must admit that many of my opinions are made without actual facts to back them up, but I rationalize this poetic license and laziness claiming I can say whatever the fuck I want because this is a democracy; God says that I can hold whatever opinion I want and if you are stupid enough to believe me, is that my fault?  So I blame our current malaise on illegal aliens stealing my jobs, minimum wages being too high, and too many faggots in both the military and the financial business.  The truth is that our demographics, coupled with a crappy economic environment, are conspiring to wreak havoc on teen employment; old farts keep working leaving no room in the labor force for the rest of us.  I don't like to admit this because I'd like to blame liberals for everything but this AM Ridholtz has facts and charts and shit like that to back up his case.  So if you want to fuck up your brain with facts click on the link above.  If not, then do what I do, write a stupid blog.