Nobody remembers that Ford won Le Mans four straight years in the late sixties. They beat Ferrari, Porche, and all the rest of them so?  So the suits at GM and Ford pulled out of car racing. Many believe that the biggest Detroit blunder was this mass dropout of US cars, a decision that turned the field over to the European car makers. It has been their constant well publicized wins in the big European races has created an image of superiority for sixty years.  BUT Happy Daze for the USA are here again as Corvette is beginning to win big races (finishing 1-2-4-5) in the latest Le Mans warm up races. BUT true to their stupid form, GM has not publicized their winning records.  Nobody knows that since 2004 Corvette has records that include 79 wins and 54 straight one two finishes through 2009. In other words GM has had the fastest and best cars in the world for nearly ten years but didn't publicize any of it, so the youth of America thinks Ferrari and Porche are the fastest (and best) cars in the world, and for the youth market winning races means best car. The current races show that much touted Ferrari cars can't corner with the Corvette so that they are out of the running on the complex tracks. Stay tuned because it looks like the new Government Motors may actually start bragging about their wins. But then again, it's still Detroit, stupid as ever so don't get your hopes up; since the Government takeover the winning records for Corvette have tumbled.