Ken Langone on CNBC this AM: Name a single hospital, university research lab, or any other socially necessary entity that was built by a "community organizer" or any other business hater in our country. It's about time we stopped and recognized who it is who builds all this stuff and why they get built. It's the organizers of "Big Business," the very same people we have scared into their homes fearing for their nest eggs (and our future hospitals, research labs and so on). The term "giving back" is not some phony slogan thought up to assuage personal guilt, it is the single motivator for giving, a motivator that the rich have in their genes. Go by any disaster site and you will see the now despised religious groups manning all the food lines and disaster relief tents, not the gaggle of leftist whiners we have elected. We have elected the worst president in my lifetime. The worst legislators ditto.

Part of the best interview I've heard in a long long time is Here....