So you live near a ultra clean natural gas well and flames keep coming out of your water faucets.  This is the reality in almost every natural gas well in PA.  As you will see here, just turn on your water faucet and fire comes out.  It comes out because the natural gas is being artificially channeled into the water supply through the use of toxic chemicals like good old arsenic and shit.  Your babies drink it, your babies are getting sick, and none of the NEWS channels report it.  Here's some more live footage of people drinking flames.

Waiting for FOX to air it? Fuhgedaboudit. Ditto all the rest of the cable NEWS channels.  Colorado, Wyoming, and Texas, where the gas production industry is most mature and widespread. The damage is truly terrifying. In order to extract natural gas from the large shale depositories that cover vast portions of the country, water along with a hairy list of nasty chemicals (including frequent chemical movie stars like hydrochloric acid and arsenic) are forced into the ground, fracturing rock and allowing natural gas to escape. As a side effect natural gas is sometimes released erratically, contaminating drinking water supplies or releasing into the atmosphere.  READ IT ALL.  IT LOOKS LIKE ALL THE NEWS OUTLETS ARE IN THE NATURAL GAS BUSINESS AND SO FAR THEY AIN'T TALKIN'