Fascism With No Second Amendment

There is always a gap between the pristine ideal and the filth attached to reality and nothing shows it like this experience.  I'm driving along the edge of one of our many SoCal gang areas and pulled up to a red light.  I noted that another car had pulled up next to me on my left that was packed with menacing looking Blacks.  I obeyed the local protocol and made no eye contact with them.  Just then a really innocent looking kid with a smile on his face crossed in the crosswalk in front of me and after crossing past my POV I heard the rapid "pop pop" accompanied by the disintegration of the side window of the car next to me.  I knew it was automatic gunfire and lay down on the seat when I heard even more gunfire.  I immediately keeled down so that I hit the accelerator with my knee and as soon as my car started moving I gained control of my car and took off.  In reconstructing the incident I realized that even if I had a gun on the front car seat next to me had the kid crossing the street in front of me been actually shooting at me I would have been dead before I fired a single shot.  My gun and truly useless Second Amendment "Rights" would have been dead on the floor of my car after the second shot.  So much for packing a gun in a dangerous area.  I mention this to show everyone that actually carrying a gun does no good unless everyone knows everyone else is packing heat too because this stuff happens too fast for the Second Amendment "Right to Bear Arms" can be useful.  That kid had a "Right" to bear arms, the young guys in the car next to me had the Right and so presumably do all the thugs in the area, most of whom would look to make their bones by shooting some stupid white guy.  College kids now have the right to be armed in school and (at least around here) and I now assume every nut case in the city can now pack heat and can open fire at will.  To assume that the Second Amendment will offer some kind of protection against these lightning like assaults is fiction.  I am a denizen of New York and my wife and her friends walked around night after night last year under their strict gun control laws  while on vacation and they never so much as heard a gun go off.  Fascist Gun Control laws are awful.  Life can be sweet.

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