MOVIE REVIEW: "Hunger Games"

Hunger Games, a two generation phenomenon that seems to be affecting almost everyone, and all agree it's well made and pretty scary.  My view, derived from friends and family plus a few civilians:

Starting with tweeners and up they all love it to death; but beginning with thirty somethings and older most seem to hate it to the point of revulsion.  Many are sorry they actually took their young kids to see it at all feeling it is marketed deceptively as a PG when it should be an obvious "R" (even though the young kids actually read the book and loved it).  The books have been read and read by all young people for nearly a year and so there are no plot surprises for them, while adults have ignored what was perceived as another dumb SciFi novel best left unread.  In these days of everything being political I can only view this as the noises from my liberal friends in LA which are that the movie was written and produced by Rush Limbaugh and the rest of his government hating friends and meant to create hatred of the Obama government among our sex crazed youth who are too dumb to think "correctly" about stuff and, while "we are all for freedom of speech" there is some speech that should not be allowed and this perfectly ghastly movie (set in the future where American adolescents are forced to participate in televised battles to the death) clearly falls into in this category.  So we are all warned to "discuss" this horrible movie with our kids so they don't come to some Right Wing conclusion about life, art, movies, and Republicans.  The few Righties I know see this movie as a demonstration of what an out of control liberal government will inevitably descend into as it will select those who deserve to be destroyed by an approving political class who dance with glee over each and every murder.  My conclusion: a scary fucking SciFi movie with a rather usual premise if you are a SciFi reader of nearly everything. 

It's good and scary so see it without any preconceptions.  Really really good but if any of your kids seem to like it too much he or she might bear watching for a while because it's never too early to catch a potential Republican thought and crush it.

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